one page at a time


In my effort to read more and spend less time on social media, here’s what I have finished so far this year.

– Do Your Art, Chad Allen

– Go: A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design, Chip Kidd

– Cold Tangerines, Shauna Niequist

– Roberts Rules of Order in Plain and Simple English

– Jesus Feminist, Sarah Bessey

– Steal Like an Artist, Austin Kleon

– Show Your Work, Austin Kleon

– How We Are Not Alone: New and Selected Poems, Maya Stein

– The Kinfolk Table

– The Southern Pie Book, Jan Moon

– A Prayer Journal, Flannery O’Connor

– Bittersweet: Thoughts on Change, Grace, and Learning the Hard Way, Shauna Niequist

– Stories From the Book of Exile, Padraig O’Tuama

– A Short Guide to a Happy Life, Anna Quindlen

– City of God, Sara Miles

– Unaccompanied Minor, Hollis Gillespie

Add to that my standard periodicals listed below, and I’m off to a decent year of reading.

– Anthology

– Kinfolk

– Garden & Gun

– Where Women Create

– Entertainment Weekly

File Under: Current Reads

Yeah, I’m always juggling a stack of books. It’s how I roll. Here’s what’s in the current rotation.

The Dark Night of the Soul, Gerald May

Free: Spending Your TIme and Money on What Matters Most, Mark Scandrette

The Circle, Dave Eggers

Consider the Birds, Debbie Blue

Drawn In, Troy Bronsink

How to Become a Food Budget Ninja,  Jeff & Crystal Sykes

on retainer

After reading several obituaries during the course of my job today, I’m struck with the importance of keeping a writer friend or two around until my dying days. Otherwise, the paper could read something like this: “She died. She had two nieces and a nephew. There is no service. Cremation. The end.”

Doesn’t everyone deserve to be celebrated a tiny bit?

shining it up

Got out the cleaning supplies and dusted off the blog this morning. Fresh, clean look. Feels a little simpler. Figured I really don’t need a header photo when almost every entry I post contains a photograph of its own.
Also updated my blogroll. It is not an exhaustive list, by any means. And almost all of these folks fall into more than one category, but the list is a good starting point. Check it out. There are some lovely, amazing people over there.

some of my favorite things

they know my name, and I kinda love that

French Press tonight at Denver Bicycle Cafe, where several months ago they serendipitously gave me the same botanical mug three times in a row. Because it matches my tatts. Now they’ve put my name on it.

new weekend morning coffee spot

This morning I stood in line for a ridiculous amount of time behind a bunch of folks ordering Starbuck-esque drinks to get a pour-over at one of the newest coffee bars in town. It did not disappoint.

Steam Espresso Bar is the new kid on the block on South Pearl Street, and the closest indie coffee shop to me that does single-pours with really good beans.

I tried not to be too resentful of the people hoarding tables before they ordered. But it’s one of my biggest pet peeves.

I came back after the farmer’s market and had an espresso, read a bit, and had a nice chat with one of the owners, Hani. Steam, you’ve got my business.

Stanley’s Saturday

Stanley enjoyed a wonderful Saturday outside. He heard that it was cold and snowy in some places in The South, but in Colorado, temps were in the 50s. He couldn’t believe there could be snow on the ground and he could be outside without a coat. It was great.

First he stopped to see the buffalo at Lookout Mountain. Then it was on to a walk through Elk Meadow. It sure was windy there.

He couldn’t believe the row of mailboxes and newspapers at the road near Richard and Charlotte’s. He wasn’t sure he would read the Jackson Sun every day if he had to drive down to the bottom of a mountain to pick it up.

He enjoyed seeing Richard’s treehouse and secretly hoped to be invited back in the summer to sit on the porch of it and enjoy a nice, cold lemonade, or even some of Richard’s homemade ice cream, which he had heard is out of this world. It was beginning to get chilly, so a dip in the hot tub was the perfect way to warm up.

Flat Stanley declared Saturday a success. He was kinda missing Hallie Bramblett, though.





photo (14)

sometimes it’s the little things

Flat Stanley could barely contain his excitement over our new GymBoss interval timer. Boot Camp at home on Tuesdays and Thursdays just got SO much easier to manage.

Flat Stanley felt like King of the Hill standing on the pile of snow we shoveled off the driveway