A Fresh Start

I set this blog up some time ago, thinking that it seemed easier to use than the one I was using somewhat sporadically, and then it just sat here. What better time than the new year to start a new blog?

Don’t really have a plan as to how often I’ll post, or what I will post, other than book reviews – that was my intent with other one, and random schmada, so we’ll see what transpires here.

The last few years I have set a goal of reading 3 books a month, and this is the first year that I have made it – and only by the skin of my teeth! I’m sure there are probably a few books that I forgot to log when I finished them, but my count for 2005 was 36. I’ll post the list in my next entry.


One Comment on “A Fresh Start”

  1. Megan says:

    Hey Amy! Glad to see you possibly blogging again. I keep checking your other one, so I’m glad to know your current one. Out with the old!Here’s a gentle nudge to keep going. *Shove!* 🙂

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