what’s happening

it’s been a while since i have written anything of substance. a long while. [not counting work, which is filled with writing all day long]. what has been going on?

work. too much work. way too much. lots of changes. restructuring. increased expectations and pressure. waiting for an anvil to fall on my head. not a good way to live.

urban skye. summer hiatus. uncertain future. trying to firm up mission and vision. time of change. time of growth.

i’ve been a truth teller. speaking the truth is sometimes difficult and extremely un-fun.

haven’t knitted anything. haven’t taken any great photographs. haven’t made any polaroid transfers. haven’t written anything more in depth than a home depot list. haven’t read much.

i have pulled a lot of weeds and decoupaged a cow and wrestled with God.


One Comment on “what’s happening”

  1. SpookyRach says:

    Hey Amy!Thanks for the comment on my blog. We share a common mistrust of Sonic which, at least in my case, doesn’t keep me from eating there! ha ha!I certainly sympathize with your current situation. This post could have been written about my job as well. Good luck!

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