Finally, a few pictures of Marge. Scroll down below the pictures for a few details.

Photo #1: Marge takes a rest while she gets her belly ‘podged’.
Photo #2: Yes, we created the still life behind me. A picture of my Dad when he was a kid, a vase he gave me for Christmas, and a red plastic fish that was a bathtub toy when I was a kid. Just because.
Photo #3: This one is of the marking on the inside of Marge’s left front hoof. I got kind of obsessed with this mark – photographing it, doing a rubbing of it, dreaming of someday having a studio called Studio 1567.
Photo #4: Roxann mounts Marge in my driveway. I met new neighbors that day.
Photo #5: Marge’s mooves outside. I’m thinking I could use this photo as a moving announcement. Caption: I’ve MOOVED!
Photo #6: Marge rests after a rough day of Mod Podge.
Photo #7: Rox & I with the finished product. Yes, she is standing on cans…….of green beans and chicken broth! For good hoof coverage.


5 Comments on “marge”

  1. Denise W. says:

    So, Marge is black and white and read all over? Most impressive….

  2. Actually, she is cream and blue and read all over.

  3. SpookyRach says:

    Marge rocks! And/or rolls.

  4. Cynthia says:

    From what I can tell Marge is covered in Moosic notes, yes? She is one cool cow.

  5. Yep, moosic notes. Covered 100% in Rhapsody in Blue. The official name of her exhibit is Rhapsody in Moo!

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