the questions resurface

– does God really care?
– why does faith matter?
– what would it look like if God moved off the page?
– what are the things that give me life?
– where do I find true meaning?
– what is my vision of who/what I want to be?


2 Comments on “the questions resurface”

  1. Denise W. says:

    Wow, big questions! Why faith? makes me think the most. I see alot of uncertainity if God was taken off the page – not good. I have some excellent stock answers if you’re interested!

  2. The question about God moving off the page is not about taking him out of the equation. It is a reference to a Walter Brueggemann poem called ‘Move Off the Page’, that has more to do with if God moved in ways we could see more often. I’ll post the poem above.

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