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sean landers on writing

art and beauty

Went to the Denver Art Museum Grand Opening this weekend. This is one of a jillion quotes off of a piece by Sean Landers. (This is camera phone, sans flash, thus the horrible lighting – or lack thereof.)

Day 3

writing and editing some previous work. and editing some digital photos.

Day 2 of Creativity

Cubicle relocating, cleaning, and re-decorating will have to suffice as the creative activity of Day 2.

Day 1 of Creativity

Started a new knitting project today. I love small knitting projects because you can see progress rather quickly, and they are portable.

15 Days of Creativity

In an effort to give my waning creative juices a much needed boost, I am hereby commencing fifteen days of creativity. For each of the next fifteen days, I am going to try to intentionally do something creative, whatever it is. I have no idea what I will come up with. Hopefully I will become less lethargic and the right side of my brain will be jolted back into activity. Join me if you will. I’ll blog about it here as I go along.