advent 2006 – week one

This is the cover art to our Urban Skye Advent Guide. It follows the traditional church calendar, which means Advent begins on the first of the four Sundays leading up to December 25. That would be today. If you follow the Celtic Christian calendar, you are already into the Advent season, as it begins 40 days before Christmas.

For me, I’ve already hosted a Christmas party, so the house is clean and decorated. Travel plans are made, and I’m avoiding the mall. Hopefully having a bunch of preparation out of the way will allow me time to escape the busyness that so often dictates this time of year, and I’ll slow down. And prepare Him room.

Join us at Urban Skye this Advent season as we explore God outside the camp.

Here’s our Advent Guide. The question posed for week one, and where I find myself pondering this evening is: Recall one place from your past where God made something of Himself known to you.

Join me if you will. I’ll post my Advent musings here throughout the month, and invite you to do the same.


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