it’s a good day

– I left Denver last evening, or I would be snowed in.
– Started off the day by seeing my niece, who was just as excited to see me as I was her.
– Nice little roadtrip by myself to Birmingham. Just me and some Starbucks and some Sufjan Stevens. Which I highly recommend – the Sufjan Stevens. Nothing against Starbucks, but they are just common nowadays.
– Went to a luncheon at my old Bible study. Was good to see some familiar faces and to be around so many people who were excited that I was there. Haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.
– Then a visit to a couple of favorite neighborhood stores.
– Now I am enjoying an Americano at O’Henry’s, my favorite Bham coffee house, and writing from my favorite perch – a high table in the front of the shop, that is kind of hidden by a bunch of shelves with gifts.
– Will follow this up with dinner with 2 close friends. Likely more coffee.
– Will spend the night in what I refer to as The Cave. Bedroom in a friend’s basement that is cool and dark, and has the most comfy huge bed. This will somewhat counter-balance my night last night at my Dad’s, which was akin to sleeping in a sweat lodge.
– Tomorrow will catch up with a couple of old (I should probably say former, lest they think I am calling them old) mentors. Probably throw in some BBQ, another special place or two, and then back to Music City.
– Overall, a nice little side trip to feed my soul.


One Comment on “it’s a good day”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Stabucks is so common. I need something a little different, too. I’m a little jealous of the BBQ in Bham. Dreamland?

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