coming soon: change

after almost seventeen years of working for the same company, i turned in my two-week notice on friday. lots of thought, number-crunching, and prayer went into my decision to accept a job with a competitor. while i don’t expect my new opportunity to be a cake walk, i am hopeful that it will feel less like working in a sweat shop and that the time i can devote to the things i am passionate about will increase. (that’s a nice way of saying i hope that 60 hour weeks will become the exception and not the norm.)

while i have complete peace about my decision and know that it is the right thing to do, i have been a bit fidgety about it over the weekend.

here’s to hoping that the grass is greener, and that i’m getting a little bit of my life back.


3 Comments on “coming soon: change”

  1. Denise W says:

    What?! When?! Still there in the freezing West?! Who?! Good for you, friend! I think that 60 hour weeks are too much – and taking advanage of your singleness….

  2. Craig says:

    What’s the new job, Amy? Can you go into detail? Send me an email if not.

  3. The new gig is as a Supervisor in the Auto Physical Damage department of Farmers Insurance here in Denver. Similar to what I did before, except that these folks actually trust their managers to make decisions versus just handing down mandates from on high. I like that. And the 8 minute commute isn’t so bad, either.

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