Denver Art Scene featured in USA Today

Check out USA Today’s recent article on the art scene in Denver.


5 Comments on “Denver Art Scene featured in USA Today”

  1. Susan says:

    I don’t get the massive inflatable bunnies next to The Last Supper (see the picture included with the article referenced). Is there some Easter/near’Easter comparison I’m missing, or is it merely that I’m the giant-sized energizer bunny artistic neophyte (too true).

  2. Susan says:

    Hey, upon closer inspection (enlarge the photo) that doesn’t really look like The Last Supper after all, so never mind.And that really emphasizes the neophyte I referred to earlier! Yes, that would be me.

  3. Now I’m gonna have to go to The Dikeou Collection so I can find out what that piece on the wall is really about!

  4. PainterP says:

    There’s some great art culture in Denver. There’s also some great local artists like William Matthews. To read about him look at this article.

  5. Bstroke says:

    That article link lead to this this description of books that I found relavant.

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