why do you stay in this thing called ‘faith’?

Great response to this question from a friend:

i think the part that i am sure of is that underneath all the bullshit, underneath all the organization, underneath all of the weirdness, i really do believe that Jesus is the way and that the Holy Spirit is somehow alive and well. i am starting to see that even if i became a buddhist or left faith all together or created my own crazy theology i might still have my same friends, not necessarily the same job or the same routine in my week, but maybe the same people. so i am not anymore only going along because i am afraid that i will lose these people. and when i think of living my life and what i want to commit it to, i know it’s the way of loving people, sacrificing, getting in the trenches with real life instead of just coping and making it through the day, living from my heart…


6 Comments on “why do you stay in this thing called ‘faith’?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    hey amy!i was just reading through your blog page, and you are one eclectic girl! very fun!i do not consider myself much of an artist, but i get a kick out of folks who so thrive in it, and i feel a vicarious lift.i was wondering, was the question of why stay in your question, or your frieds? what keeps you in the game?i have shifted for sure, i have no energy to keep the institution alive or even solvent, but i do crave great conversations! i love the stimulation that comes from different folks, i have had such an mono-tone way of listening about faith. miss seeing you, catch you at a pub soon i hope…karl, from the refuge

  2. karl,yeah, it’s my question. and a response from a mutual friend! i think what keeps me in the game at this point is that there doesn’t seem to be a better alternative, but that seems like a really lame reason. and i realize that a lot of folks in our common circles – or at least our previous circles, are completely horrified that someone would ask this and similar hard questions out loud.- amy

  3. Denise W says:

    amen, sista! It’s about Jesus and living a life that looks like Him! Preach it!

  4. zorra says:

    Yes, great response to a question I think we all ask ourselves now and then (and if we don’t, are we even paying attention to ourselves?). Thank you for stopping by the other day, Amy. I don’t seem to be posting much these days, but I enjoy making the rounds and checking on my fellow bloggers.

  5. Anonymous says:

    wish i had some fabulous answer to the faith question. i think maybe people who don’t believe in Jesus will be in heaven. at least i think that today. i think that he would think that if he is who he claims to have been. at the very least, it’s a great story and a great book overall.

  6. Susan says:

    I think it’s a great question! I finally convinced myself that I have a good chance of not believing in something my whole life that turned out to be a huge farce (oh how embarrassing). This happened via 1.) tests (yeah I know I’m not supposed to do that but He rose to the occasion), 2.) research (my fave form of justifying the answers I like), and 3.) just feeling that feeling when you feel that you are feeling something (vague, but highly accurate). If I’m not right, I finally came to the conclusion that it’s no big deal. In theory, I’ll never find out that I was wrong.And in the meantime I feel much more alive, I have direction – even if it loops and backtracks – and I am somewhat useful to other people. A good deal if you ask me.

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