– Saw Into the Wild yesterday. Really enjoyed the book when I read it several years ago. But the movie was a bit disappointing. It does have some soul to it, and the music – which is by Eddie Vedder – was spot-on. Haunting, but it was a long 2:20.
– Still mired down in somewhat of a spiritual funk. Not sure what happened to get me here, or how to get out. I’m still “in”, but things are awry. The words that jumped out at me in my lectio divina group this week say it best. Parched ground. Suck. What to do when you seem to have lost your passion and joy?
– Helped a friend facilitate a collage workshop today. Actually made a piece of my own, which I plan to finish this week.
– Looking forward to a bit of family time later this week, and a few days away from work. Not necessarily a restful time; but a nice change of pace.
– Hopefully I will get a chance to work on one of my favorite hobbies: sleep.
– Pulled out the Votivo Christmas Sage candle today. Because it makes me happy.
– Off to finish up a business review for work now.


2 Comments on “potpourri”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for all your help for the collage thing. Hope you do “connect the dots” and see your next dot on the journey toward passion and joy. Hope your time with the little ones will help. I can see the photo ops abounding! Have a good trip. Would like to see your collage when it’s finished. And I’m looking forward to seeing your red feather wreathe and Christmas candle.

  2. Susan says:

    I sure hope you “get the funk out” (as they sort of say in NY …)I think it helps to breathe fresh air and to do something completely (or almost completely) different. I changed back to my 80’s hairstyle and it worked for me.Really.

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