books I’ve read in 2008

Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer, Warren St. John
Creole Thrift: Premium Southern Living Without Spending a Mint, Angela Parlange
Simplicity, Kim Thomas


hopeful happenings

Well, we’re 1/24th of the way thru 2008, and I’m moving along half-way decently toward my creative intentions of the year.
– I’ve read 2.5 books so far. Will try to get them posted this weekend.
– I’m signed up for a PhotoShop crash course on Saturday.
– Have been somewhat sporadic on the writing. Seems like I may have overshot it by thinking I could write something of substance 5 days a week. 3 days seems like a better goal. (Actually, if I counted writing business plans for work, etc, I’d be at 5 or 6. But I’m not counting that stuff.)
– I’m off to a decent start of taking pictures, including a day at the Museum of Contemporary Art and some photos at an Off the Map community party.
Now to get my lazy ass to the gym…


Geez, I wish I was at the movies right now, instead of un-decking my halls. A movie today would make three days of movies in a row for this holiday week.

Enjoyed both Juno and The Kite Runner this week.

happy new year to me

Fun surprise for the New Year: I won Presbyterian Gal’s contest by being the first person to guess what a certain photo on her website was.
The prize? A poem in my honor as her first post of 2008. Check it out.

what lies ahead

I’m sitting in my den in my pajamas watching the Vols play some half-way decent football in the Outback bowl, and updating my blog and Facebook. Nice, leisurely way to ring in the New Year. Being a good Southern gal, I’ll have my black-eyed peas and turnip greens (standard New Year’s Day fare) in a little while.

Here are my creative intentions of 2008:

Reading. In years past, I set some pretty ambitious reading goals and did a decent job of keeping up with what I read through the year. I’m going to do that again in 2008, with a goal of 40 books. That puts me at just over 3 a month and seems to be an achievable goal. I have my friends Megan and Craig to thank for inspiring me to set a reading goal and keep a record of it. Thanks, y’all.

Writing. I’m setting a personal goal of writing 5 days a week, or 20 days a month. Shooting for about a thousand words a day. I’ll have to see how editing fits into the equation.

Photography. Learn PhotoShop. Take a jillion pictures. Figure out a decent way to organize them. Print more. Enter more shows and contests. Develop the Plastic Jesus series. Take some creative risks.

And I want to drop a few pounds, get my money’s worth from my Y membership, simplify, and just be a little more free.

What about you? Would love to hear what you are hopeful about in 2008. And what’s on your reading list, if you have one.