farewell, my friend

one of my wise people passed away this morning.

yes, without some sort of divine intervention, we knew it was coming. no, i didn’t think it would be today. and it’s totally jacking with my faith in that how-much-does-one-family-have-to-take kind of way.

i know this doesn’t mean that God has disappeared from the scene altogether, but it kinda seems like it. and i’m not in the mood for a “she’s better off” lecture at the moment. maybe i’ll post later about the huge hole that’s left in our hearts.

right now, all i can think about is Kate Campbell’s song, How Much Can One Heart Hold?


Dippin’ Dots

As I was getting ready to leave Gallery Cuvee tonight after attending a friend’s art opening, there were a couple of pops of thunder and a couple of flashes of lightning. Then snow. Snow falling from the sky in fierce little balls, much like an explosion of styrofoam pellets from a bean bag. Or Dippin’ Dots.

Strangely, driving home on snow covered streets, I felt at peace. I say strange because I often have a fairly acute case of snow anxiety. Maybe it is the fact that I’ll not be getting up at dark thirty in the morning that leaves me at peace. Or the fact that after living here four years I’m finally getting comfortable being here.

But I still miss the azaleas, hydrangeas, wisteria, and gardenias.