Urban Skye Art & Design First Friday event

What: Urban Skye Art & Design First Friday event

: Friday, March 7, 2008, 6pm

Where: Temple Events Center, 1595 Pearl St, Denver, CO 80203

Join Urban Skye Art & Design as we support the budding photographers of Dry Bones Denver in their first ever Photography Exhibition.

Dry Bones Denver is an outreach to homeless teens and young adults living in downtown Denver.
Afterwards, we’’ll check out The Shoppe @ 3103 East Colfax for some tasty treats. The Shoppe specializes in cupcakes and cereal! What’s not to like about that?

2 Comments on “Urban Skye Art & Design First Friday event”

  1. Girlfriend!You do know that DryBones is one of Southern Hills big outreaches, right?! That the leader (missionary sounds wrong) is a kid who grew up in our church and mom and dad are members?! That I played Bunko with Nicki last month?! (She probably thought I was loud and obnoxious….)Yeah! Yeah! Finally the only other thing I know about Denver is contenting with you!

  2. Wow. It’s a small, small world…

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