the score

Amy – 1
Mouse – 0

And that makes it OK that he woke me up at 5am on a weekend.


5 Comments on “the score”

  1. Jennifer says:

    grand slam! hope you can relax now.

  2. kathyescobar says:

    way to go!!! hey i tagged you on the meme thing. don’t do it unless it’s fun but just know i was thinking of you!!! love ya, our trip was good. i am still in a funk but i am glad i got to feel the sand between my toes. see ya soon….

  3. found you thru presbyterian gal… looks like you 2 had a fun meet up! sympathies to you on the loss of your father…and finally, i’ve had snakes in my laundry room. granted they aren’t big or poisonous but ewewewea! but still mickey there had to move!

  4. Diane says:

    good luck on the mouse thing. condolences on your dad as well.Loved “meeting” you via Presbyterian Gal. I lived in Denver for about a year, once. Urban Skye sounds cool.

  5. So, the mouse is gone?! You know that a mouse in the house is never a good thing. Ewww.

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