honing my craft

Just found out that a spot has opened up for me in the Digital Photography class at The Glen Workshop. Yippee. I had been on the waiting list for a couple of months and was about to think I wouldn’t get a spot. Nice news to hear after a hectic day at work.


home again, home again, jiggity jig

Just back from seven fun-filled days on the Alabama Coast. Orange Beach, to be exact.

It was just what I needed. Time to totally down-shift, de-stress, process a little bit of grief, and relax.

We must be getting soft in our old age, because I don’t think we stayed up past midnight more than once. Lightweights.

Eight or nine hours of sleep a night. Full days on the beach, books and trashy magazines in hand. I’ll add them up in my end-of-the-month reading tally, but I think I read 5 books. Played a lot of Boggle. Flew a kite everyday. A ninety-nine cent Dora the Explorer kite that no one thought would last more than eight seconds. I made it last all week. Skill, I tell you.

Ate shrimp eighty-eleven different ways. Had to make up for living in a land-locked state.

Our stop at the FloraBama was uneventful…before the Mullet Toss crowd had fully arrived, and Souvenir City (flip-flop mecca) and Priester’s Pecans were the favorite field trips.

It was good to be away.

spring fever

I worked from home today. At lunch, I went out and pulled some weeds. It was 80 degrees and wonderful. I am so ready for warm weather to be here to stay.

Saturday I fly to Birmingham, and then Monday AM head to the beach. I couldn’t be more ready for it. And I couldn’t be much more unfocused and distracted from my work. Normally work from home days are the days that I get mountains of work done. But today was one of those days that we had server problems off and on, and I fielded more customer complaints than usual. Combine that with my lack of focus and it’s clear to see that I have miles to go before I sleep.

Maybe a quick lap around Washington Park will help me gain some focus. Can’t hurt. Think I’ll try it.

whether the weather

Right this minute in Denver:
81°F (27 °C)
Partly Cloudy and Windy

Partly cloudy until mid-morning with tempertures in the upper 40s and lower 50s. Showers will begin around noon with cooler temperatures moving in for the afternoon. The rain showers will turn to wet snow during the afternoon with 2 to 4 inches of wet snowfall on grassy areas, but all of the snow will melt on pavement.

I’m SO over the snow.

books I’ve read in 2008

Green Eggs and Ham, Dr. Seuss
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni


The Friday Night Knitting Club, Kate Jacobs
The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron
God’s Silence, Franz Wright

Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer, Warren St. John
Creole Thrift: Premium Southern Living Without Spending a Mint, Angela Parlange
Simplicity, Kim Thomas

random tidbits

– My regular computer – the one that I just put a new hard drive and extra memory in, the one that is not far out of warranty – is being operated on by the Geek Squad as I write. Is this a sign that I’m supposed to switch to a MacBook Pro? I’ll let you know.

– Points to Ponder (found these written inside the front cover of my Moleskine)
What really gives me joy?
Where is my bliss?
Where is the flow?

Doesn’t Points to Ponder sound like the name of a church bulletin article of long ago?! Please leave a comment if you have the answers.

– I don’t want to celebrate prematurely, but I think I am living in a mouse-free house.

– Here’s another Point to Ponder. This one from my spiritual director, wise sage that she is. We do best what we do joyfully. So what does that say about me going back to my regular office tomorrow after being off-site for two weeks? Hmmm?

– Counting down the days until I head south. Six. Six days. Seven until I have sand between my toes.

– Personal goal of the week: Finish the thank-you notes.

– I am completely nauseated by Contemporary Christian music at a whole new level. This poses a slight problem on the corporate worship front for me.

Rev Gal Meet-Up, Take 2

Finally, I can post the photo of my meet-up with Presbyterian Gal and Wonderboy. The last two weeks found me in sunny, southern California for work. On Sunday I was able to have lunch with Presbyterian Gal and Wonderboy.

Wonderboy educated me on all things LEGO. He specializes in Star Wars Legos. Puts the Legos of my childhood to shame. Let me just say that his knowledge is quite impressive. If I’m ever on Who Wants to be a Millionaire and there is a Lego question, Wonderboy will be my go-to guy.

Presbyterian Gal was just as funny and entertaining in person as she is on her blog. While having blogging buddies is a blast, getting to meet them in person is icing on the cake!