spring fever

I worked from home today. At lunch, I went out and pulled some weeds. It was 80 degrees and wonderful. I am so ready for warm weather to be here to stay.

Saturday I fly to Birmingham, and then Monday AM head to the beach. I couldn’t be more ready for it. And I couldn’t be much more unfocused and distracted from my work. Normally work from home days are the days that I get mountains of work done. But today was one of those days that we had server problems off and on, and I fielded more customer complaints than usual. Combine that with my lack of focus and it’s clear to see that I have miles to go before I sleep.

Maybe a quick lap around Washington Park will help me gain some focus. Can’t hurt. Think I’ll try it.


2 Comments on “spring fever”

  1. Have a great trip! The beach is my favorite place to rest and renew.The work will seem small when you get back.

  2. I can’t believe the ONE day you’ll be in the ‘Ham I’LL be out of town!You’ll be busy anyway I’m sure so I wouldn’t have gotten to see you, but I’m still sorry I’ll miss you! Be safe!!!

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