home sweet home?

Hanging out with the latest issue of Oxford American tonight. Kinda weird as I ponder the concept of home a little differently than I did a mere 2 1/2 months ago.

Losing my Dad, the last parent, has caused a profound shift for me in what home means. When I walked out the door that last day, after taking care of disposing/distributing his worldly goods and left that place that symbolized home, something changed. Not necessarily good or bad, just different. Still working through it.


6 Comments on “home sweet home?”

  1. You’re having a double whammy. When my parents moved from my childhood home to retire (almost 30 years before my dad died), my meaning of home shifted then. I felt abandoned somehow. The next big shift was his death.Maybe the shift is a change in the connections we have that ground us and bind us to each other. Good friends around us help to ease the transition I think.So, throwin a rope out to you from the wild west here.

  2. and PS I have tagged you for a meme!

  3. PG, You hit the nail on the head – the shift is in the connections we have and good friends are key in the process. Thanks for the rope….and I just meme’d.

  4. Jennifer says:

    There is a huge shift for me with my dad dying even though my mom is still at the same house. My dad was the landscaping perfectionist. The visual surroundings are still him, but without him it is both comforting and mocking.I accept your meme tag. See you later today.

  5. So sorry about you losing your Dad and I’ve been meaning to say that for a bit. No one can take a parent’s place, but good friends do help fill in the gaps. It sounds like you have some great ones.Laura

  6. J…yeah, the shift is huge.l…thanks. friends do help. I will say there is something different [that I never anticipated] about losing the last parent.

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