writing (or not)

Seems like I have nothing of significance to post these days. I have been writing on a pretty regular basis, just don’t have anything I’m ready to stick out here. Lots of grief writing and such. Hard work, but nothing to share yet. I expect some stories and essays to come of it in the future. For now, mostly mindless stuff on here.

So go outside. Dig in the dirt. Keep fresh flowers in your house. Support your local farmers market. Go lay in a hammock and read a book. Sit on the porch and enjoy your morning coffee. Have a cigarette on the back deck. Build something with your hands. Read the Sunday New York Times. Check back later for words of substance.


One Comment on “writing (or not)”

  1. zorra says:

    That all sounds great except for the cigarette part.I had to go look up Marcelle and her crinums after your comment! Ours are a hardy old Southern classic, “Ellen Bosanquet”, thriving around many an abandoned farmhouse.

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