random weekend tidbits

Low-key weekend here. Farmer’s Market yesterday. Bought and cooked fresh vegetables. Last night went to see Agents of Future at a house concert in Lafayette.

Today, got stung by a wasp. Took a two-hour nap as result of the Benadryl. And finished this reverse-applique journal cover for my Moleskine. The pattern is from the Aabama Stitch Book. I LOVE this book.

Still pondering some questions from a conversation that began with friends in Santa Fe a few weeks ago – does our creative side drive our spiritual side, or our spiritual side drive the creative? Can you have one without the other? Can anything be sacred/spiritual? What makes it so?

Also thinking about what it means to live life authentically. Out of a more honest and real place than I feel like I currently am. To really be seen. Kinda freaked out lately that I have lost my edge and am just mellow and vanilla. Yikes.


2 Comments on “random weekend tidbits”

  1. Carla says:

    OUCH! did you also put some chewed chewing tobacco on the wasp sting? Can’t believe you MADE the journal cover. I was going to make one for you… but that would take three years so it’s a good thing you did. looks awesome!! you are getting very creatively stitchy!made homemade vanilla icecream today. vanilla is safe.p.s. got you on my google reader.

  2. No, I was fresh out of chew when I got stung. Had to use ice instead. I’m pretty proud of the journal cover. I’m sure you could have done it in one-third of the time it took me. But I enjoyed making it. Homemade ice cream sounds good about now.

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