Snippets from today:

On constant rotation:
Sigur Ros – Med sud I eyrum vid spilum endalaust
Church of the Beloved – Hope for a Tree Cut Down
Sun Kil Moon – April
Red House Painter – Song for a Blue Guitar

Knit Two, Kate Jacobs
From Stone to Living Word, Debbie Blue
Oxford American Music Edition
Paste Magazine, February 2009

Learning to purl and trying not hate circular needles
Little bit of writing
Revising the ‘about me’ on my sidebar
Organizing photos
Making cupcakes


2 Comments on “Snippets from today:”

  1. Jennifer says:

    About your revised profile: I love a little mish-mash as long as it’s fried and accompanied by some sweet tea! Sounds to me like you are becoming a knitting diva.

  2. Knitting diva? Not so much. If anything I’ve developed a disdain for certain parts of it. For instance, circular needles.

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