Maundy Thursday

It’s late, so I’m just gonna let the photos of our Maundy Thursday service at House for All speak for themselves with just a few quick details:
– We did the gospel text as a narrative reading and then incorporated the foot washing and Eucharist into it. It was powerful.
– Yes, those are condoms you see. We put together over 200 bleach kits for Praxus, a street outreach that is part of the Colorado Network to End Human Trafficking (CoNEHT).
– At the end of the service we stripped the altar bare and covered it with a black cloth.
– As people left in silence they dropped 30 silver coins into a bowl by the door, to be given to a group that has been betrayed. We’ll be giving the money to the Four Winds Native American community, who we rent our space from.
A holy evening.


2 Comments on “Maundy Thursday”

  1. Roshi Doshi says:

    Wonderful photos. Thanks for posting. The one of Nadia in the balcony is amazing!

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