photo of the day update

Spent my weekend in San Antonio getting my soul filled in many ways at a Faith Stories retreat, so I’m a bit behind on the daily photo. I’m posting the last few days, and tomorrow will be back on track.

Back in January, I didn’t see myself posting daily any longer than the month of January. But I’ve fallen into somewhat of a rhythm with it and have come to enjoy it as a daily practice. So we’ll see how long I keep it up. If it begins to feel like drudgery, I’ll drop it like a hot potato. Life’s too short for forced misery.

I do love how this project has helped me focus more on the beauty in the mundane.


One Comment on “photo of the day update”

  1. hevwc says:

    I love your artistic eye…..I wish we had a few minutes last weekend for you to teach camera work.

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