best organic delivery ever


i find the sound of SEC football some of the most comforting background noise there is. 

Just Show Up

At 4pm today I was perfectly content  in my hoodie and PJs, a pot of tea at my side, some Nick Drake streaming from my iPod dock. Stack of current reads on the end table, an art project and a basket of knitting sitting nearby.

Sometimes we talk, my friends and I, about the importance of just showing up, whether one feels like it or not. For our community. And on some level, for ourselves. Today was my ‘don’t–want-to’ day. For no real reason other than I was comfy with my brown blanket and my feet up on the coffee table.

But I did show up. And I got to experience confession and absolution with my community. And witness Judah as Assisting Minister at the Eucharist. And share about what I love about our little rag-tag community of faith with some newer folks.

I get so much more than I ever give in this place. And today, just showing up was enough. 

compensating for insomnia with espresso shots this morning.

have I mentioned that today is Springsteen Special day?

ouch. apparently the flu shot made Jesus a little sore.

I really need a reading week.