the life in those eyes

Yesterday, as part of my job responsibilities, I had to meet with an adorable elderly couple at their home regarding their claim. In short order we took care of the details that were the reason for my visit.

I finally succumbed to their insistence that I have a cup of coffee and stayed a few extra minutes to finish it. Turns out the husband grew up in a small town in rural Alabama that I am familiar with. We shared stories back and forth of growing up in the rural south in different generations. The wife began to tell the husband about how I reminded her of his youngest sister. Then she exclaimed, (referring to me), “Just look at the life in those eyes!”

Granted, the relationship building is the part of my job that I truly enjoy. And knowing that someone actually saw past my ‘insurance professional’ exterior just made my day.


5 Comments on “the life in those eyes”

  1. mindy says:

    That is THE best observation!

  2. Rachel says:

    Love it.
    and I agree with Laura, it ain’t just the eyes.

  3. Tammy Carter says:

    LOVE the new design/site! Hey…Deanne’s doing a watercolor class on Weds! 5 weeks…maybe I’ll learn something! ha! Miss you!

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