espresso at crema

Today begins a week of coffee about town, a different coffee house each day. First stop: crema at 29th and Larimer.

Great, funky decor with local letterpress prints on the walls for sale. I really liked the wall of reclaimed wood in the seating area. It was a bit chilly, but was warmer at the coffee bar. The best part? A really passionate barista named Josh. I got to pick his brain about his favorite coffee spots in town, and will be trying some of them soon. At his recommendation, I went with an espresso, which will be the bar by which all other establishments will be judged this week. And he set the bar pretty high.

First, I tried the Dogwood, which is described as a sweet coffee, with hits of cherry and tangy lemon. It did not disappoint. A bit later I returned and asked for another, and tried the Herkimer, which is a darker roast, and somewhat chocolate-y. I found it to be a tad on the bitter side and decided that of the two espressos, the Dogwood is my pick. Both had a wonderful thick foam on top, and you really can’t make a bad choice there.

I had debated about what the beverage for comparison would be. Americano? Latte? Espresso seems like the right choice.

Conclusion: You should go there.


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