espresso at Espressole

Today’s espresso stop was Espressole, which is at Belleview and I-25, a few doors north of the Landmark Theater.  Someone had suggested it to me, and it happened to be in my direct path today, although I’m usually not in this area much. 

The furnishings and finishes are nice, but it feels very non-urban. Things are very match-y match-y and beige.  It matches its location in the tech center very well, but is almost the opposite feel of yesterday’s stop at crema.  It’s a lovely establishment, but my preference leans more towards places that feel a bit gritty and like they have more personality. This one could easily be a chain.

The barista, nice enough.  Quick chat about favorite espresso stops and who in town carries what coffees. I got a double shot of espresso. It was good, but seemed rather average compared to yesterday’s.  Says a lot about crema when the barista here tells me that’s where he goes on his day off. 

I’d come back here if I was in the area, but wouldn’t list it among my favorite coffee spots in Denver. And it will never make my heart happy the way Pablos’s always does. Plus the soft jazz makes me want to stab a pencil in my eye. 


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