espresso and Sugar Bake Shop

This afternoon’s stop at Sugar Bake Shop and Coffee House did not disappoint. Located on South Broadway, just south of 3rd Ave, I easily found street parking. And this is one of those lovely spots where a quarter gets you an hour or better.

In keeping with the mission of the week, I ordered a double espresso. They serve Novo coffee and it was delicious, with a lovely thick crema and wonderful aroma. I’ll not pretend that I know enough about espresso to understand all the nuances and elements and such. I just know when I like it and when I don’t. And this pursuit is as much about finding different independent businesses to support and places to write as it is about the coffee.

With an impressive array of pastries, including homemade pop-tarts, the sprinkles on the sugar cookie enticed me the most. The pop-tarts were very inviting, but since I’m still on the wagon concerning pop-tarts, albeit the Kellogg’s brand, I quit staring and walked away. The cookie was a perfect accompaniment to the espresso, not too sweet, and not dry at all.

I love the atmosphere of this place…warm and inviting…tunes were good, nice array of tables and chairs, both high and low. I also loved the maize-colored mantle topped with some mint julep cups, milk glass pieces, tea infusers and actual maize. The black and white episodes of Julia Child running above it were a nice touch.

Sugar Bake Shop and Coffee House will be added to my usual rotation immediately.


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