Clyfford Still and Novo Coffee

Today’s espresso stop was at Novo Coffee at the Museum Residences. I had a bit of time between my preview at the Clyfford Still Museum, which opens tomorrow, and dinner at Coohills, so it was super-convenient.

First, let me say that you should check out the Clyfford Still Museum. Never has such a collection of one artist been housed under one roof. And I’ve never seen a museum with this much natural light. All of the galleries are upstairs and are well laid-out chronologically. The spaces are sized appropriately for the works they house, with the bigger paintings in bigger spaces, with plenty of light and room to move around. What was most striking to me was how many of the pieces are not on display right now. There will be a lot of changing out of artwork as time goes on, which I quite like. It’s an enormous collection. So, go check it out.

Back to the espresso. Novo. Sandwiched between Mad Greens and a wine bar at the Museum Residences. I didn’t much care for the space. The espresso was good, better than yesterday’s, even though it was Novo as well. I think there’s something to be said about the correlation between a good shot and pulling that shot being your focus vs. having your main focus be elsewhere.

Had a lovely conversation with the barista about coffee about town and different brewing methods. I’m curious about their cuppings and maybe going back to check out some of those brewing methods…pour over and chemex in particular.


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