espresso in the Santa Fe Arts District

Yesterday took me to Yellow Feather Coffee on Santa Fe for Espresso. It was the first day I had not told the barista of my quest for espresso at a new spot every day that week. He seemed a bit preoccupied. Found out when I ordered a 2nd espresso that he was setting up for a coffee cupping in the back room, which he did invite me to join, and that’s clearly where his focus was.

He did explain the two espresso offerings to me without prompting. I wanted to cry foul when he asked me if it was for there or to go. First I tried the Peru Atipiri, which he said was more of a seasonal roast. I was given a small glass of San Pellegrino along with it to cleanse my palette. The espresso was a nice blend but had barely any crema, and it was too hot to drink for a few minutes.

Next I tried the 2010, which is a blend from Guatemala, Brazil & Honduras. Again, it was too hot. It was a stronger roast and I found it to be a bit on the bitter side. This one did have more crema than the first shot.

Both were served in handmade espresso cups, which were a nice tough. I’ll come back here for a cupping someday, and perhaps another espresso.


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