espresso recap

Ok, so espresso at a new place six days in a row. This was fun. None of them were horrible experiences, although some were better than others.

Of the six, I’ll be adding two to my usual rotation…Crema and Sugar Bakeshop and Coffee House.  My only regret is that Crema is a bit out of my way, but it’s totally worth it. There are three others that I’ll likely return to here and there…Novo, Yellow Feather and Aviano.  And one that I would return to if I was ever in that neighborhood (Espressole), although I wouldn’t go out of my way for it.

Who had the best espresso? Crema, hands down. With Novo being the runner-up. Honorable mention to Sugar. Best atmosphere? Sugar, with Crema a close second.

But Pablo’s remains my favorite coffee shop in town.


2 Comments on “espresso recap”

  1. annemarie says:

    Hello! I am doing photomeditations too. I’ve very much enjoyed looking through your blog!
    PS Am trying to kick the caffeine habit so your pictures are a nice guilt free caffeine kick!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the pictures. I loved photo meditations, although I fell a little behind at the end. Just downloaded Susannah’s .pdf, which is more than fabulous. Looking forward to going back thru it all again and again.

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