what I’m reading in 2013

The list is large and varied. I’ve got some great reading ahead of me in 2013. Pictured above is a fraction of it. There’s lots of fiction that will accompany these, and some other works as well.

In 2012 I didn’t keep up with what I read like in years past. I missed the visual record, and I read fewer books. Time to change that.

I’ve set a goal for myself of 50 books in 2012. I’ll post here at the end of every month telling you what I’ve read and perhaps include a few reviews.

There’s generally no rhyme or reason to what I read when, and I tend to keep about three books going at once – a creative one, one that is spiritual or theological in nature, and a memoir, fiction or non-fiction work.


4 Comments on “what I’m reading in 2013”

  1. Yamini says:

    The titles look quite interesting! Happy new year 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    Nice! I’ve read a couple of those already! Are you going to log them here? On Goodreads? I was the recipient of an iPad for Xmas and am so in love with reading on the Kindle app already. I’m trying to jump the gun and read my book club books well in advance. Currently in the middle of The Marriage Plot and up next is This is Where I Leave You. I’m still working my through The Emperor of All Maladies from a book club or two ago. It’s excellent but heavy subject matter so it’s slow going for me. Good luck on your 50. I’ll see what I can do to keep up. I’m thinking of starting a book club at Live it to the Full. Maybe you can help me screen some good ones!

  3. MC says:

    I’m doing a reading challenge for 2013 so if you are interested you can get more details on my blog and join

  4. mamapsalmist says:

    We should have a book club. Not surprisingly, you seem to have good taste in literature, and I need motivation. Can’t wait to see what gems you find in 2013!

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