sometimes it’s the little things

Flat Stanley could barely contain his excitement over our new GymBoss interval timer. Boot Camp at home on Tuesdays and Thursdays just got SO much easier to manage.


Flat Stanley felt like King of the Hill standing on the pile of snow we shoveled off the driveway

tommy’s thai was tantalizing

Last night Flat Stanley and I met two of my favorite people, Richard and Charlotte, at one of my favorite restaurants in town, Tommy’s Thai. We shared some Pad Thai and even had some left overs to bring home.

After dinner we went to Sweet Action Ice Cream where Flat Stanley managed to talk Richard out of half of his ice cream sundae after he’d finished his ice cream cone!


A corporate lawyer, Richard is a true Renaissance Man and Charlotte knows more about flowers than anyone I know. Flat Stanley loved hearing stories of the books they are reading and of their recent travels. He was especially excited to be invited to their mountain home to see the treehouse Richard built and sit in the hot tub. Exciting adventures next weekend, perhaps.

Flat Stanley hearts espresso

Flat Stanley enjoyed a double espresso at Black Eye Coffee – one of the best spots in town.

friday night take-out

Flat Stanley was excited for Friday Night Takeout. Chipotle! We shared a chicken bowl and watched a TED video together about Introverts by Susan Cain. It was great.

Flat Stanley hunkers down

It was really cold tonight, so Flat Stanley decided to snuggle up with an afghan, a good book, and a big mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream on top.

Jordan (his real name), aka Flat Stanley, didn’t want to wear a hat this morning even thought it was only 18 degrees outside and was still snowing a tiny bit. We negotiated and he agreed upon earmuffs. He didn’t want to mess up his hair. I think later today he will wish he had a hat like me. He was excited, though, to wear his new parka that is like the snow boarders wear. He picked it out last night at Sports Authority. photo (9)
He made quick work of shoveling the driveway and sidewalk and was surprised at how light and fluffy the snow is here. In Tennessee it’s always heavy and wet. He found it interesting that there is a “rule” that you have to shovel your sidewalk within 24 hours of the snow stopping, but he was happy to make a safe pathway for my (11)
Then he was on to what he really wanted to do: Snow Angels! He says it has been a good visit so far.
photo (10)