home again, home again, jiggity jig

Just back from seven fun-filled days on the Alabama Coast. Orange Beach, to be exact.

It was just what I needed. Time to totally down-shift, de-stress, process a little bit of grief, and relax.

We must be getting soft in our old age, because I don’t think we stayed up past midnight more than once. Lightweights.

Eight or nine hours of sleep a night. Full days on the beach, books and trashy magazines in hand. I’ll add them up in my end-of-the-month reading tally, but I think I read 5 books. Played a lot of Boggle. Flew a kite everyday. A ninety-nine cent Dora the Explorer kite that no one thought would last more than eight seconds. I made it last all week. Skill, I tell you.

Ate shrimp eighty-eleven different ways. Had to make up for living in a land-locked state.

Our stop at the FloraBama was uneventful…before the Mullet Toss crowd had fully arrived, and Souvenir City (flip-flop mecca) and Priester’s Pecans were the favorite field trips.

It was good to be away.


what’s up

– just back from a belated birthday beach trip. yeah, i milked this one for all it was worth. squeezed two more birthday celebrations out of the big 4-0.
– got to catch up with my birmingham buddies.
– played a lot of boggle.
– ate a lot of firecracker shrimp (this involves the best remoulade sauce in the world).
– slept a lot.
– sat on the beach a lot.
– watched the sun set and the moon rise.
– had some great conversations.
– did a lot of nothing.
– read Bless Your Heart, Tramp. and random magazines. deep, deep reading, in case you can’t tell.
– did read a bit of Breath for the Bones, by Luci Shaw, so all was not mindless.
– enjoying the new foo fighters album – echos, silence, patience & grace. isn’t that a great title?
– found the perfect music for the treadmill – florida state’s marching band doing the best of college football fight songs.
– drove up to the mountains today so i could catch the aspens in all of their fall glory.
– just spruced up my porch with a pumpkin/mum display to officially welcome fall.
– trying to plan my week now so that i can ease back into work and maybe even a daily routine that doesn’t feel like chaos.
– have a huge need for great amounts of creative energy to come bursting forth in the next week or so.

one helluva hog

Check out this ginormous hog killed earlier this month by a sixth grader in Alabama. With a pistol.

serenity now

all fun things must come to an end. tomorrow i go back to work. had a glorious time away from the funhouse. sat on the beach for 8 straight days. read a ton. laughed a lot. enjoyed the company of good friends. ate boatloads of shrimp. caught up on my sleep. detoxed from sugar-free red bull. totally de-stressed.

would that i could prolong this serene state.


corn on the cob

Somehow I have managed to wrangle 8 days away from the funhouse, and have therefore gone away to rest my weary brain and body. The Gulf Coast is always a no-fail elixir for what ails me.

Tonight I picked up shrimp for dinner at a local hole-in-the-wall that advertised the Mother’s Day Special as “All You Can Eat Corn-on-the-Cob for $4.95.” Only in The South.

vacation planning

Compiling my booklist for my upcoming holiday:

What is the What, Dave Eggers
Easter Everywhere: A Memoir Darcy Steinke
Through a Screen Darkly, Jeffrey Overstreet
They Like Jesus But Not the Church: Insights from Emerging Generations, Dan Kimball
Boomsday, Christopher Buckley
The Path: Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and Life, Laurie Beth Jones
Eat This Book: A Conversation in the Art of Spiritual Reading, Eugene Peterson

Yes, this is optimistic. But I need choices, ya know?