Two Days in London

What would you do if you had two days to spend in London? Not things that would have someone confined to public transportation for hours on end. And no tour groups. 


Weekend Recap

Quick run-down of the holiday weekend:

Thursday night went to White Fence Farm for dinner. Fried Chicken mecca of Denver. We had a great waitress and she let us guess the ingredients of two of our favorite side dishes – Bean Salad and Coleslaw. Now, I just have to figure out the measurements. I am sure they make the stuff by the swimming pool-sized bowlful. 

Friday morning went to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. Lots of great art. Stuart and Sheralee surprised me with this nifty dragon fly yard art from one of our favorite artists there.

Friday night a dozen people came over for movie night in my backyard . 

Saturday evening I hosted 35 people for an Independence Day celebration. 
After tons of hours of yardwork by the fabulous Richard Turley and myself, the rain commenced fifteen minutes before my guests were slated to arrive. My mother would be proud that my house was clean so we were able to seamlessly transition things inside, soon after I finished my fit of anger. You know the one… you are tired and exhausted, the yard looks great, you are finally proud of it, but, alas, you and your guests must enjoy it from afar. I got over it.
The rain did stop and we were able to be outside for part of it after all. Bottom line is that we all had fun anyhow. And the thirteen pound brisket I cooked that people thought was too freakishly large? Not. a. single. piece. left. 

picking up the pieces

wild weekend

Carla makes a valance for my dining room out of tea towels.

Close up view of the valance.

The finished product.

The pillow I am currently embroidering an ampersand on for my den.

Carla models the sun-dress I made in 9th grade home economics class. Yes, it is covered in green rhinos, but the photo does not do it justice.

Sunday supper. Pork loin, sweet potato fries, grilled asparagus, coca-cola salad (a southern classic), fresh tomatoes, whole grain bread, and, of course, sweet tea.

Nice, low-key, three-day weekend here. My friend, Carla, who has been my friend since birth, came out from Richmond for the weekend. A big thanks to Andrew for running the home front so she could hang with me and the little girls could enjoy Camp Daddy. (Thanks, Andy!) It was good to just get to hang out, go to the museum, work in the yard, cook a few nice meals, do some small projects, consume large amounts of coffee, and laugh a lot.

writing (or not)

Seems like I have nothing of significance to post these days. I have been writing on a pretty regular basis, just don’t have anything I’m ready to stick out here. Lots of grief writing and such. Hard work, but nothing to share yet. I expect some stories and essays to come of it in the future. For now, mostly mindless stuff on here.

So go outside. Dig in the dirt. Keep fresh flowers in your house. Support your local farmers market. Go lay in a hammock and read a book. Sit on the porch and enjoy your morning coffee. Have a cigarette on the back deck. Build something with your hands. Read the Sunday New York Times. Check back later for words of substance.

blew out my flip-flop

sadness. the best flip-flops ever. gone. busted. going out with tomorrow’s trash. i guess any footwear that lasts a decade deserves a rest. RIP red merrell flips.

mrs. beasley rides again

Remember Mrs. Beasley? She was one of my favorite childhood toys. Early in her life, she talked. Then I barfed on her, and when you pulled her cord, she spoke in tongues. Then she quit that, and all you get now is a whirring noise when you pull the cord.

Where the hell did Mrs. Beasley surface from, you ask? I’m just back from a 10-day road trip to Tennessee for the express purpose of retrieving some family heirlooms that were in storage. My mom’s china and silver, a couple of globes for my vintage globe collection, a rocking chair, a side table, and some other random things had been stored at a friend’s house since my dad moved to Nashville last year.

Besides the china and silver, the other item I am most proud to have is the clock that my grandfather purchased in 1927 and hung in my grandmother’s one-room schoolhouse. It hung in her classroom for most of the 47 years that she taught school. I’ll post a picture once I get it on the wall here.

Back to Mrs. Beasley…she was among the boxes of stuff I sorted through and brought back with me. You should also know that she was baptized on July 4th by my niece. I know many of you will have a problem with the fact that a) she was baptized by a female; b) that same female is only two years old; c) she was not fully immersed.

Mrs. Beasley thoroughly enjoyed her road trip to Denver, and looked out the window the entire trip. Not sure how long she will be around, but she deserves a photo shoot. And she’s currently contemplating a retirement option in Richmond, where she could live with her childhood friend, Cookie Maness.