Stanley’s Saturday

Stanley enjoyed a wonderful Saturday outside. He heard that it was cold and snowy in some places in The South, but in Colorado, temps were in the 50s. He couldn’t believe there could be snow on the ground and he could be outside without a coat. It was great.

First he stopped to see the buffalo at Lookout Mountain. Then it was on to a walk through Elk Meadow. It sure was windy there.

He couldn’t believe the row of mailboxes and newspapers at the road near Richard and Charlotte’s. He wasn’t sure he would read the Jackson Sun every day if he had to drive down to the bottom of a mountain to pick it up.

He enjoyed seeing Richard’s treehouse and secretly hoped to be invited back in the summer to sit on the porch of it and enjoy a nice, cold lemonade, or even some of Richard’s homemade ice cream, which he had heard is out of this world. It was beginning to get chilly, so a dip in the hot tub was the perfect way to warm up.

Flat Stanley declared Saturday a success. He was kinda missing Hallie Bramblett, though.





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sometimes it’s the little things

Flat Stanley could barely contain his excitement over our new GymBoss interval timer. Boot Camp at home on Tuesdays and Thursdays just got SO much easier to manage.

Flat Stanley felt like King of the Hill standing on the pile of snow we shoveled off the driveway

tommy’s thai was tantalizing

Last night Flat Stanley and I met two of my favorite people, Richard and Charlotte, at one of my favorite restaurants in town, Tommy’s Thai. We shared some Pad Thai and even had some left overs to bring home.

After dinner we went to Sweet Action Ice Cream where Flat Stanley managed to talk Richard out of half of his ice cream sundae after he’d finished his ice cream cone!


A corporate lawyer, Richard is a true Renaissance Man and Charlotte knows more about flowers than anyone I know. Flat Stanley loved hearing stories of the books they are reading and of their recent travels. He was especially excited to be invited to their mountain home to see the treehouse Richard built and sit in the hot tub. Exciting adventures next weekend, perhaps.

Flat Stanley hearts espresso

Flat Stanley enjoyed a double espresso at Black Eye Coffee – one of the best spots in town.

friday night take-out

Flat Stanley was excited for Friday Night Takeout. Chipotle! We shared a chicken bowl and watched a TED video together about Introverts by Susan Cain. It was great.

Flat Stanley hunkers down

It was really cold tonight, so Flat Stanley decided to snuggle up with an afghan, a good book, and a big mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream on top.